I needed this blog to express more of myself than my other two. I'm a writer and this is my outlet to relax and free my mind for awhile. I believe a picture,a single word, a look, can tell a story. I post what moves me and the pictures reflect my feelings. Not the literal picture but the feel & movement of the picture. The sentiment the pictures evoke within me, reflect my life and my loves.
What you May find here: Shabby Chic, Antiques, Old Papers, Writing Instruments, Notes, Old letters, Old books, Staircases, Chandeliers, Castles, Beaches, Scenery, Vintage Items, Buildings, Houses, Romance, Darkness & Sunlight, Jewelry, and my favorite color PURPLE may appear! Just about anything that a cord within my soul.
Let me know if you like something! I enjoy receiving your asks and comments
Your invited to come along on this journey with me. In fact I hope you do.
Some of these picture are mine but most are found while surfing the Internet and assumed to be open for viewing by anyone. I make no claim to them only posting for me & others to enjoy.

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235 ♥ / 17 November, 2011
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    fierce ladies in dresses that billow in the wind. yeah yeah
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    Vero, da sirenetta proprio… uhm…
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