I needed this blog to express more of myself than my other two. I'm a writer and this is my outlet to relax and free my mind for awhile. I believe a picture,a single word, a look, can tell a story. I post what moves me and the pictures reflect my feelings. Not the literal picture but the feel & movement of the picture. The sentiment the pictures evoke within me, reflect my life and my loves.
What you May find here: Shabby Chic, Antiques, Old Papers, Writing Instruments, Notes, Old letters, Old books, Staircases, Chandeliers, Castles, Beaches, Scenery, Vintage Items, Buildings, Houses, Romance, Darkness & Sunlight, Jewelry, and my favorite color PURPLE may appear! Just about anything that a cord within my soul.
Let me know if you like something! I enjoy receiving your asks and comments
Your invited to come along on this journey with me. In fact I hope you do.
Some of these picture are mine but most are found while surfing the Internet and assumed to be open for viewing by anyone. I make no claim to them only posting for me & others to enjoy.

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Anonymous asked: Are these pictures you've taken? They are very romantic.

Some yes but mostly not. :)

Anonymous asked: your blog, omg so amazing words cannot even describe! i love it to bits :)

Ah my gosh, thank you so much! Glad you like it! :)

Anonymous asked: What's in the stockings that is lit up? I can't figure it out, and you didn't say (at least I didn't see where you'd said). Thanks!!!

Oh it’s white ceramic decorative bowls or rather planters with a glass candle holders glue down inside.  You can use pretty much anything that is glass or ceramic. The ceramic in the picture has holes all the way around to illuminate the light.

Anonymous asked: You are amazing!!! Becky

Thanks Becky you are so sweet!!!

Anonymous asked: I really am amazed by the photos you have here. So beautiful, so immensely evocative, really quite special. Thanks so much for sharing them!

Thanks so much for liking it!

Anonymous asked: awesome blog, love the theme!

You are very sweet. Thank you!

Anonymous asked: Oh my gosh, I love your stuff.I may never get over it.

Very Sweet, Thank you!  :)

Anonymous asked: Where are a lot of these photos taken?

All over the world. :)